What language do you speak?

October 7, 2010


Had my first full-on meeting with my career consultant. Prior, I wrote a historical account of my career. Sort of the backstory of my resume. With feelings and intentions and decision points. Seven pages, single-spaced. I felt sorry for her – but she was thrilled.

My working life is all over the place. I’ve worked in many industries and jobs. Because I never felt at home, why not try ____ for a while? (I remember an HR interviewer once said how impressed he was that I had “reinvented” myself so many times. Ha!)

My consultant asked what turned out to be a great question that confused me at first. “What language do you speak?” Business, finance, art, photography?  If we have a conversation about finance, are you fully engaged? If we have a conversation about art, are you fully engaged?  When you put it like this, it feels easy for me to answer. It’s a different way to think about areas that make you feel interested, comfortable, confident.

Just this one question gave me hope.

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One Comment on “What language do you speak?”

  1. Leslie Says:

    So what was your answer?? I would say mine is technology, travel, music…this IS inspiring! Can’t wait to hear what next week’s post brings!


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