Do we all forget ourselves?

October 14, 2010

Authenticity, Creativity

“Glad you’re writing again” was part of a comment left by my friend Leslie on my first post. My initial reaction was simply appreciation for her support.  But I found the comment kept sticking with me. Especially the “again” part.  When did I write before?

And then I understood. She has known me since the 6th grade. She remembers me in a different way than I remember myself. I was a writer. I just forgot. In high school, I liked writing and was pretty good at it. Even took Creative Writing as an elective. And then I went on to get a Journalism degree!

But so many years have passed. I’ve been in the working world, allowing myself to be pushed in many directions, into different “opportunities.” Way too often listening to external opinions about what I should do and what success looks like. Forgetting to look internally. Forgetting how.

Do we all forget ourselves? Some experts say, if we want to know what we are really inclined to do, we should look back at how we spent our time when we were young. Those are the activities that most naturally suit us. Things we chose without thinking about titles or salaries or outward appearances.

Since her comment, I have been thinking about myself as a writer again. I am excited because my new thinking will open up new possibilities for me in my career quest. Thank you, my friend. Now, I will go and try to remember what else I forgot.

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