Please don’t let it all be meh

October 17, 2010

Career counseling

Today, I took a test: the Strong Interest Inventory, a widely-accepted career assessment test. There is a concise entry about it on Wikipedia. I took it here, in my home office, in my PJ’s, this morning.

I was nervous – and not just because it has been a while since I took a scantron test. It did feel kind of SAT-ish. My #2 pencil was all sharpened as I bubbled in my name and some demographic data.  And, similar to the SAT, I felt pressure. I really need to get this right. What I mean by that is: I need to be honest and true to myself, blocking out external voices and “shoulds” in my responses.

My anxiety was heightened by the fact that I’m quite sure I took this test in college. I have no memory of the outcome except that it was not helpful to me. That’s what this blog is named for. “All Fives” means you’re middle-of-the-road on everything; it’s all “meh.” Therefore, instruments like this can’t guide you in a particular direction.

The Strong is only about interests, not aptitude. The test specifically states not to consider whether you are trained or whether a person can actually make any money at a particular endeavor. I found it very difficult to put those notions aside as I answered. However, I know this is but one piece of the puzzle and I trust that my most excellent consultant has the overall process well in hand.

So, I bubbled away, reminding myself that my consultant said, “Gut reactions are the best.” It only took about 30 minutes and then I folded the booklet shut and that was it. That was it? In the e-world of today, taking a paper test that has to be mailed to a testing center in California for scoring is sooo anticlimactic. I can hardly stand it.

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