Remember to share

October 19, 2010


Yesterday, I was waiting by the elevator when she came up to me. Charlotte is a woman who offices near me, but we don’t work together and I don’t really know her. She said, “I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”

“Do you remember when you gave me that book about six months ago?” she said. Of course, I did. It was such a stretch for me to give an unrequested copy of a book to a near-stranger. She continued, “Since then, my life has changed.”

I was taken aback. I remembered back to that moment near the coffee bar when I overheard Charlotte saying to a coworker that she wanted to start eating better and lose weight. Busting out of my comfort zone, I invited her to my office and gave her a little book called Food Rules, by Michael Pollan. I felt very weird because I couldn’t gauge her reaction. But I love the book and I knew it would be helpful to anyone open to it.

My elevator came and went as I gave Charlotte my full attention. She lit up as she told me that she has lost 40 pounds and still going. Her doctor is amazed. The book was catalyst for her. She wrote in it and dog-eared pages and has since passed it on to a friend. She thanked me and I told her how awesome her accomplishment is.

Afterward, I was elated – happy for her and proud of myself. I took a small risk to share with someone and it paid a huge reward.

Working with my career consultant, I realize that I’m a natural at taking in information. I’m curious and always interested in learning new things. But what good is that if I don’t give information back out in some meaningful way?

Luckily, the elevators have been slow lately and Charlotte found that moment to tell me her story. For me, it came at a perfect time.

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2 Comments on “Remember to share”

  1. Melody Watson Says:

    Thoughts about “random acts of kindness” have been on my mind a lot today. Particularly in context of the generally-unexpected (and unplanned,) benefits we can reap as givers. This story resonated with me. Good stuff. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing…


  2. MJ Says:

    It is amazing that the little tiny things that you do without thinking can have such a profound outcome on others. Good and the bad. I am so happy for your renewed interest in writing. That is something that has never been easy for me.


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