Feedback is controlled by the Receiver

October 26, 2010

Career counseling

I meet with my career consultant once every 2-3 weeks. Generally, I’m excited about the discovery process itself and optimistic about the end result. But I have “what if” moments when I worry that it’s not going to work, forgetting that I am in control.

At our meeting last Friday, she had not yet received the results of my test, the Strong Interest Inventory. I talked to her about my trepidation around that test, and all the various tests and tools she utilizes. I have a vague, undefined sense that the outcome will somehow be bad or wrong. And that I’m dependent on these instruments to help me find my way.

She calmly said, “Feedback is controlled by the Receiver.” She reminded me that feedback is not inflicted upon us. We take it in and then decide what to do with it – accept it, reject it, modify it. Take parts and leave parts. It’s just information. It’s data. It is better to have more information than less. We interpret it and use it to our greatest advantage. Ultimately, we are in control of our responses and our actions, not the Giver, whether that be a test, a partner, a boss, or an expert career consultant.

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2 Comments on “Feedback is controlled by the Receiver”

  1. gretchen Says:

    You got it, dick.


  2. Dick Yit Says:

    Since you’re in control, how about approving this feedback?


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