Do more work. Feel better.

November 2, 2010

Creativity, Self-discipline

Since I started working with my career consultant, I actually have a lot more work to do. But my work consists of a wider variety of things and I decide what much of the work is. My work is no longer comprised solely of the stuff dictated by my employer.

I work on assignments from my career consultant. I write my blog. I read books and blogs and tweets to get an influx of new ideas about careers, work, and lifestyle design. And I continue to do good work for my employer.

To accomplish all this, obviously I must work beyond nine-to-five. But an unexpected benefit for me is the elimination of the distinct separation between work time and non-work time – what I used to view as grumpy time vs. happy time.

I used to feel justified in coming home from work and vegging out in front of the TV because I had already put in my work requirement at the office.  Or going shopping for things in an effort to make my happy time happier.  In some ways, that’s easier but not really satisfying.

By spending more time “working,” I feel more confident, more in control. My professional progress is not totally dependent upon how things go at the office. And by feeling less dependent on my employer, I feel a little happier there.

Under this new strategy, sometimes I feel like I work all the time. But every moment I feel more powerful, integrated, artistic and hopeful.

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5 Comments on “Do more work. Feel better.”

  1. Denise Says:

    I love your voice — writing is definitely a strength for you. And I admire the persistent, but patient, seeking … the introspection and small, daily acts of courage and creativity that are leading you to an authentic alignment of interests and abilities. I can’t wait to see where all of this takes you.


  2. Leslie Says:

    My favorite post thus far. 🙂


  3. Melody Watson Says:

    It is never, ever a bad thing to “feel more powerful, integrated, artistic and hopeful.” Always looking for ways to add more of these feelings to my world. Good stuff…



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