When in Canada, go curling!

November 11, 2010


A few days have passed and the bruise on my right kneecap is a purplish-red, almost-perfect circle. It’s like a badge of honor. I told myself I would be more open-minded and try new things in an effort to unlock more creativity. So when I was invited to go curling, I said, “Sure!”

You know, curling. It’s an Olympic winter sport. Sort of like shuffleboard on ice…with brooms. It appears to be the Canadian equivalent of bowling. I was working in Montreal last week; that’s how I came upon this opportunity.

A unique part of curling is that players wear one sliding shoe and one non-sliding shoe. Since I lacked professional gear, I strapped a slider sole under my left shoe. I think this thing was coated with the same silicon-based kitchen lubricant that Clark Griswold applied to his sled.

So now, I have one usable foot and I’m supposed to push a 40-pound granite rock across the ice. Centuries of curling experience have taught us that the most sensible way to do this is by sliding into a lunge position, balancing your weight on your Teflon-glazed foot, and shoving the rock with one hand. I mistakenly thought all my time spent in Warrior pose gave me an advantage. Not so much. On my first try, I ended up flat on my back like a turtle.

After that, in every less-than-graceful lunge, my back knee cracked down on the ice. I guess I didn’t notice because I was so focused on staying vertical. But over a couple of hours, I got better.

In the end, I scored one point, which was quite respectable. After the game, I joined in the beautiful curling tradition of drinking pitchers of beer in the warm clubhouse and saying, “Good game.”

Injuries and all, it was a terrific experience. Trying new things is part of my plan to find my authentic self and I’m proud to add curling to my list. In the beginning, I was nervous because I’m not a sportsy gal, but I’m getting better at not overthinking – just doing.

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One Comment on “When in Canada, go curling!”

  1. Nick Says:

    “Good Game” Cheers !!


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