‘Til we meet again, Tory Burch

November 15, 2010


There is a good chance I will make a job or career change in the next several months. There is also a good chance this will mean a pay decrease. While I’m in my current job, with a known salary, I’m taking steps to prepare financially for my new, uncertain future.

I made a commitment to myself that I will not buy any new clothes this season. That means from September until spring. Here are my rules:

  • I can professionally tailor or alter something I already own.
  • I can make something. (I don’t sew.)
  • I can buy something from Goodwill. (Not a resale or consignment shop, Goodwill.)

It feels good. It feels proactive and take-charge. I don’t feel deprived; I feel in-control.

Ok, I may be overstating this a bit. I like fashion. I’m not over-the-top but I do participate in fall and spring trends. For example, leggings are a big part of the trend this fall. I own one pair, plain black. Will I be able to make do? I have indentified this as a risk area.

Two months have passed successfully. I see my existing wardrobe in a new light. Instead of seeing an item as “not quite right,” I’m more likely to think it’s 90% right and I can make it work.

I have a beautiful long cardigan that I never wore because it had a weird ribbon-tie closure. So I chopped those ribbons off and replaced them with a cool button. Voila! And I currently have a crocheted scarf underway.

Surprisingly, there is something relaxing about knowing I’m not going shopping. Under my new rules, when I see an ad for boots, here is my thought process: Those boots are cute. I don’t have any like that. I should go find those. Hey wait, I can’t. Hey wait, I don’t have to. Ahh.

I will save my money for pursuits that I hope will bring me real joy. And I will use my time toward figuring out what those pursuits will be.

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2 Comments on “‘Til we meet again, Tory Burch”

  1. Meredith S. Says:

    Gretchen – been following your blog and have enjoyed reading it and your journey of rediscovering yourself. Your blog echos many of the same thoughts I’ve had lately, well thoughts I’ve had for several years actually.

    I too have been contemplating a major career change, but still haven’t found the courage to do it. Fear of the what – ifs keep me from taking that next step.

    Good luck with your journey and your next new pursuit. ~mqs


    • gretchen Says:

      Having Lexi the Schnauzer as my only dependent makes it easier for me to take a risk. Thanks for your note — it helps me to hear that you have the same thoughts. I will keep working through the discovery process and keep writing.


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