The beautiful loser

November 19, 2010


To get this metaphor, you must think back to high school.  In high school, if you don’t fit in, you are likely to be labeled a loser. And the only way to fit in is to do exactly what everyone else is doing.

But conformity is the enemy of creativity. And creativity is good. Maybe it’s good to be a loser??

The original “Beautiful Losers” were a group of skaters who lived outside the mainstream. They didn’t fit in but they did great new things. They created their own culture, made their own art. After I read about them, I took the concept onboard as a guiding principle.

My definition of a beautiful loser is someone who knows herself, triumphs over conformity, and has the courage to do creative, innovative work.

I hold this image in my mind. I think of it every time I’m trying too hard to conform. When I hesitate about trying something new or doing something unusual that I think my family or friends won’t agree with. When I’m heading on autopilot down the well-traveled path.

The only way to be truly beautiful is to be genuine, to be yourself. But other people want you to conform. They feel safer if you conform. They may not call you names anymore, but they will pressure you in other ways.

For the beautiful loser, conformity is not a requirement. All possibilities are open. The outside pressure loses its power. Liberating.

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2 Comments on “The beautiful loser”

  1. Nick Says:

    You write very well, maybe this is part of your artistic side you are looking for.



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