Migration of the generic butterflies

November 24, 2010

Career counseling

Got the results of the preference test I took a few weeks ago, the Strong Interest Inventory. For the first time, I had a realization that I’m actually going to have to do something with the information. This whole process just became more real. It’s not just theory anymore. The butterflies in my stomach aren’t generic anymore.

If you recall, I was worried about the Strong results being “meh.” That my scores would be all fives and not point me in any particular direction. Well, that is not the case. Of course, I am quite skilled at twisting the hoped-for results into something new to fret about.

No more blaming. No more shrugging. I’m losing the safety of the excuse of ignorance.

I am nothing if I’m not a procrastinator. I liked the idea that this discovery process with my career consultant was a slow one. And there is still a lot to do. But the quest that was long now feels uncomfortably shorter.

(NOTE: For you curious ones, I’m planning another post about the actual results. I have not had a chance to fully digest the report – aka, I’m a little nervous and hiding in Thanksgiving preparations.)

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