Vision collage

January 23, 2011


My career consultant gave me an assignment to create a visual or symbolic representation of my ideal work/life. I read about the “vision collage” idea in a few of the lifestyle-design books I’m reading and it sounded kinda fun.

The collage is intended to be a right-brain activity using instinct and feelings and gut reactions to create a non-verbal image of what you want.  Most of the gurus recommended cutting pictures out of magazines – anything that’s appealing to you and somehow represents how you would like your life to be.

I had a 2’x3’ piece of cardboard left over from another project. And I found a great source for magazines: Half Price Books sells back issues of everything for $1 each! It’s key to gather a wide variety of magazines, not just the stuff you normally read. Remember, we’re going for ideal here.

I did the cutting step over a week or so to accommodate for any changes in mood, mindset or other influences. Cutting freely, more from the gut than from the head, I didn’t try to envision the finished product. I took each image on its own merit.

Then, on a Sunday afternoon, I laid out all the images and began placing them on the board. First, I floated them around until a natural fit started to appear. Second, I used double-stick tape to secure the larger pieces to the board. Finally, I filled in with smaller images and some of the key words and phrases that had spoken to me.

What emerged is really cool. It’s a totally different way to think about this process. It’s the opposite of test results and discussions of skills and potential job titles. This thing has a vibe.  And I want my life to have the same vibe.

I want to share one example of an immediate effect. There are a few images representing physical health, mind+body connection and yoga. Last week, after years of making excuses, I went back to a yoga class. It was fantastic.

The collage will hang in my office at home where I do my career and lifestyle redesign work, adding a new dimension to this process and where it will take me.

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2 Comments on “Vision collage”

  1. Nicholas Riley Says:

    It’s a little too gridish [ ] to me, but it does show good energy and positive things happening. And since it got YOU back to Yoga, it’s working. Maybe do another in a few months and compare. It could make a nice collection.


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