Make your outside match your inside

January 26, 2011


On days when I’m especially fed-up with my current job, I have a hard time trying. I want to throw in the towel. All day I ask myself, “Why am I bothering with this?” Externally, that manifests itself in my lack of input, opinions, ideas and overall enthusiasm for the project I am assigned to.

I’m not particularly well-suited to my current role (hence my quest) and sometimes that shakes my confidence. My consultant advised me that I should use this time as an opportunity for personal development.  At first, that just made me tired. My idea was to quit and go to the pub.

But I kept listening. The phrase she said that sticks with me is, “Make your outside match your inside.” Show on the outside what you’re thinking or feeling on the inside. Be more authentic. Say what you’re thinking. Say what you mean.

I like it. It’s a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for me to learn more about myself. To figure out who I am through new kinds of interactions with others – especially obstinate coworkers and unreasonable superiors. Don’t just lie down – stand up and see what happens.  The worst outcome is that I will get to go to the pub.

Having been somewhat disengaged recently at work, I find that I actually have to take a moment to examine what I’m thinking or feeling.  Then I have to summon the energy to express it, which can be difficult for me, but therein lies the growth.

If I can keep this up, I see myself developing more confidence in my real self. And being more authentic will help build more trusting relationships with others. I’ll feel better about what I’m contributing to the company and, every day, I’ll be preparing for a bright future.

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