The transition space

February 24, 2011

Career counseling

My career consultant assigned me to read Transitions, by William Bridges. I’m finding that many authors in the lifestyle-design category address the concept of transition. All agree that it’s an important phase that we don’t give enough attention to. Evidently, it’s where I’m at.

It goes by many names: The Transition Space. The Neutral Zone. The Chaotic Period. Square One. It’s the place between an ending and a beginning. Letting go of the old and being ok with not knowing what the new looks like yet.

The not-knowing can be confusing, unsettling, painful. But for me, the pain of changing has become less than the pain of staying the same. A friend called me brave for embarking on this quest of finding my right career and my right life. I don’t feel brave. I feel like I have no choice. I can no longer stay in  a dreadful, mismatched career. I can only go forward into the unknown.

Honoring the transition space is easier said than done. But that’s my goal. To relax and go with it. See where it goes. Be open. Don’t clutch and cling. Don’t dig in. Don’t worry. Breathe.

Maybe even revel in the feeling of possibility.

As Martha Beck said in Finding Your North Star, “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and that’s ok.”


Image: zen

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One Comment on “The transition space”

  1. Melody Says:

    Your friend is right, you know… it IS bravery. Much as it doesn’t feel like it to you. I have several friends who have been stuck in miserable positions for years, one of whom once even admitted she’s been counting the years toward retirement, with – at THAT time – more than 12 to go. Seriously? No. And NO!!! You’re living an authentic kind of bravery that is so honoring of this life you’ve been given.

    Yay you. And yay to learning to be okay with the unknown.


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