Reinventing yourself

April 6, 2011


I have reinvented myself in my career a few times. But it was always to fit into a job that met some external criteria, not something I sought out because it felt so right.

Until now, my strategy for selecting jobs was to follow the path of least resistance (take something that fell in my lap) or fit into a role that was expected of me by others. It feels quite different to be actively choosing for myself. Liberating and invigorating and scary.

When I mentioned feeling nervous about taking a new path, my consultant reminded me that I have done this many times. I have changed careers many times. When the previous thing started becoming unbearable, I jumped to something else. Was this new thing better, or just different?  I couldn’t be bothered to consider that question.

Regardless, I have plenty of experience starting something new, finding my way, and being relatively successful.  While I feel lucky to have been outwardly successful, my career has never made me inwardly happy. Because I was never really being myself.

This time, I’m reinventing myself into my self.


Image: anandham

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One Comment on “Reinventing yourself”

  1. broadsideblog Says:

    The challenge is to truly know who that person is….then honor what she truly most needs.

    I need to do work that (however grandiose it sounds) makes a distinct difference to the people with whom I come into contact. It needs to make their lives better, somehow, if only for a few minutes. Work that does not allow for this is not work I want to do.


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