Internal scavenger hunt

April 12, 2011

Career counseling

I’m building my list. My list of values, interests and skills that I’d like in a job, in a career. Will I be able to find all the things on my list? Time to start knocking on doors and asking.

I’m starting with the doors in the hallways of the building where I work now. There are many good things about this company. And there are the friendly faces of people who have supported me over the years. I want to feel certain that I gave the company (and me) a real opportunity to find a fit. It’s time to start acting out my “Good Endings” document.

With my list, I’ll know what questions to ask. I’ll be able to do the step I skipped in the past. Do my part in finding out if there really is a good match. Be honest and forthcoming.

Yesterday, I was making some notes about how to take the first step within my company. I had to write “This is not a sales pitch!” at the top of the page as a reminder to myself. It’s so engrained in me to try to make myself fit into a role. That’s not the plan anymore.

I’m still pretty demoralized by my current experience in the corporate culture. And it may be that my requirements don’t align. But part of my vision of a good ending here is to make the effort. Be calm and rational and purposeful. Do the exploration.

For the first time, I understand that I need to find something that fits me, not just find something.


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One Comment on “Internal scavenger hunt”

  1. broadsideblog Says:

    I recently took a test that proved highly instructive, if painful, that measured motivation….i.e. why I work well or poorly in certain sorts of work. The test ( digs out, quickly, one’s deepest values and gives you a clear(er) idea what you most want from your work. There are nine categories, from Defender (wants routine and security) to Star, Friend, Director….

    I turned out to be (which surprised me) Creator, Seeker and Spirit, which certainly clarified why I was so deeply unhappy in mainstream journalism, which seeks and values a sort of hellish peer pressure and conformity of thought.

    I’m sure you’re taking these tests. They may not show you the direction to go, but they are helping me stay focused on my values.


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