A Bic and a spiral

May 3, 2011


I continue to be surprised at the impact of writing Morning Pages. You may think you know what you’re thinking but you actually don’t.

You don’t know what you’re thinking about because we’re all really good at pushing things down, saying “whatever” and moving on. But with Morning Pages, if it’s in your head, it goes on the paper. Then, it’s on paper. It’s more than just a thought that flits around in your mind.

Feel like you need therapy? Spend $2 on a Bic and a spiral and give it a go.

There’s very little effort involved. Write three pages of whatever is in your head. No preparation, no analysis, no structure or grammar or spelling. Just write and don’t stop ‘til you fill three pages. You will be amazed.

Something you thought was no big deal is really wedged in your craw. Or a little dig from someone that you thought you could let swoop by has, in fact, stuck with you.

Today, a little throw-away rude comment from someone fell onto the paper. As I wrote, I realized my hurt reaction was tied to a fear that my success might impact our relationship. That’s a huge roadblock to reaching my goal of finding my right livelihood. Now, I have an opportunity to remove the roadblock.

Often you’ll see the same thoughts popping up day after day. Here’s where the big benefit happens: You can’t write about the same problems over and over without doing something about it.

Sometimes the action to take is simply to change your own attitude.

To get a real understanding of Morning Pages, check out The Artist’s Way. I’m just a beginner reporting my findings and encouraging you to give it a try.


Image: SFBNess

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