I need to read my own blog

June 19, 2011

Career counseling

I’ve lost my way a little bit. The internal, soul-searching work with my career consultant is complete. And like the little dove born in my rain gutter, with her pitiful fuzzy faux feathers, I’m launched out into the world. We both hope there is truth in the old saying: Leap and the net will appear.

I don’t have a new career, let alone a new job. I have some good ideas. I have true, honest information about myself that needs to get matched up with something in the outside world. So I have to learn about the outside world. I should have seen this coming.

It’s time to get out and talk to people. Talk to designers, writers, photographers, journalists, artists – people who are doing the types of work that are high on my good-fit list. Tell them about my situation. Find out what they do and what they know and what they recommend. So-called informational interviews. This part is nearly paralyzing to me.

Through my work with my consultant, I acknowledged that I’m naturally introverted, prefer to work alone, and love doing reading and research. The first few months of working with her were perfect for me: solo and introspective. In my cozy little microcosm, anything was possible.

I’m finding it helpful to read some of my own blog posts that were written from that place of hopefulness and optimism. Especially energizing were The beautiful loser and  Do more work. Feel better. Time to take my own advice and take some [uncomfortable] action.

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