Possibility overwhelm

June 24, 2011

Career counseling

If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be? Throughout my life, well-meaning close, and not-so-close, acquaintances have too often felt comfortable asking me that question. I hate that question. And who’s asking me now? Me.

I’ve done a brilliant job of narrowing down and focusing my career search to a smaller set of possibilities. Yet, it’s still appallingly infinite. So many different potential avenues. And even if you could identify all the paths, there is still the opportunity to combine paths, do things in sequence or parallel, choose this but not that, or tackle all of those.

My last post must have helped me tame one beast because I’m making some progress on my informational interviewing. My consultant warned me that the information-gathering process often causes more confusion initially. And that’s exactly what I’m experiencing. The more I talk to people and conduct research in the real world, the more I learn about new and exciting opportunities that I never knew existed.

I know she would say, “Work your process.” Do the steps. Don’t try to skip or jump. Don’t panic. If I type it, maybe I’ll be able to do it.


Image: mind on fire

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