One glass of wine or two cups of coffee

June 27, 2011


Most of my days contain two euphoric moments. If I could just find a way to capture the bold, anything-is-possible stream of ideas, before my mind gets back to business as usual.

I remember when I discovered this phenomenon. I was working in a fairly routine and small job, in an oh-so-beige cubicle without much reason to leave it. Yet, every once in a while, I would feel excited about life. In those fleeting intervals, many plans were made for what I would do on my lunch hour or how I would paint my bathroom or how I would finally organize my InBox. I fancied myself someone who wasn’t much affected by caffeine, so it took a long time to occur to me that the feeling appeared almost precisely when my second cup of coffee was half full. (Now that I’m aware, I find one drink has a similar effect.)

A slight uptick in energy or a minor reduction in anxiety evidently have the same temporary result: a balanced place for generating ideas, making plans, and feeling confident of success.

Yet, I let these moments pass.

So I’m thinking I should designate a special notebook reserved for capturing thoughts that come in those moments. Just write them down without judgment or concern for plausibility. Who knows what sort of drug-induced patterns may be revealed??

I’ve just purchased a 3-pack of Field Notes memo books. They’re pretty cool: small enough to carry easily, cheap enough to write in freely, and elegant-yet-rugged enough to fit anyone’s style. One of these little guys may have just found its purpose. Now I just need an (in)appropriate title for the inside cover.


Image: swanksalot

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3 Comments on “One glass of wine or two cups of coffee”

  1. Nick Says:



  2. Phil Pruidhomme Says:

    Memo book title:

    Stimulating stimulus induced ideas…


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