Sweet retweet

July 11, 2011

Connection, Creativity

To maintain my motivation during what sometimes seems like a long career reinvention quest, I try to read something every day. Something encouraging that reminds me that I don’t have to take that well-traveled road. My last post was inspired by a little nugget discovered by reading Hugh MacLeod.

Last Thursday evening, I shared my post (The wee crayon voice) on Twitter, and, being the well-trained journalist that I am, gave proper attribution and recognition to my source. Within minutes, Hugh retweeted my tweet, to his 31,000 followers, and commented how pleased he is that his work is inspiring so many others.

Let me try to explain what this did to my insides: they did a double-jump. You know, that thing where you’re on a trampoline with a kid twice your size and all four of your feet hit simultaneously sending you soaring, wide-eyed, exhilarated and just slightly freaked out. Yeah, like that.

I made something that someone thought was worth sharing! Someone whose work I respect and admire. What better reward? This is the kind of high that no bonus check or merit raise (ha!) from Corporate America could ever provide.

And, though it was just a couple of paragraphs, it was completely my own doing, my own creation. I wrote it without a thought about someone else’s reaction or requirements. No outsider (aka, boss) directed or corrected me.

This is what I want from my work: the autonomy, the creativity, the freedom to succeed or fail on my own merit. Please, no more decisions by committee layered one on top of the next until you are left with a sad, beige little product that is completely un-mention-worthy.

I want to be part of things and contribute something meaningful. I want work that stirs up feelings of excitement and gratitude, work that offers the opportunity for genuine recognition and a sense of community. The presence of these elements in our work is far more valuable than a good paycheck that says thanks for being a good cog.


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3 Comments on “Sweet retweet”

  1. gretchen Says:

    Thanks guys! It’s the little things, ain’t it? 🙂


  2. Steph Says:



  3. Nick Says:

    Hip, Hip !! Cheers, Ms Behnke, Cheers !


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