Your concerns have been noted

August 7, 2011


When you think about taking a leap, making a change, allowing yourself to do what you really want, how does the voice inside your head respond? Analyze the voice. Question the voice. Is it even your voice?

When I feel held back, irrationally fearful and risk-averse, it’s not my voice. “What do you think you’re doing? Shut up and keep your head down. Keep your group health insurance. Do whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder. It does not get any better than this. When are you going to get that next promotion?”

The voice isn’t mine. It’s my dad. It’s my coworker. It’s my boss from that job in college who said, “See you at McDonald’s” as I left the office on my last day.

Intellectually, I can distinguish between the voices, but emotionally, I easily forget. Thankfully, my career consultant always points it out to me.

Listening to other voices above my own is how I got stuck in the first place. Now, the voice is telling me that keeping my current job is the safe route. But the voice is wrong. The voice grew up in the Industrial Age, had the same job for 40 years, had immigrant parents, was impacted by the Depression, got satisfaction by simply having money in the bank. Ok, so I’m going a little far with personifying the disembodied voice…

Today is different. A corporate job is not secure, especially if you are not engaged in your work. Passion, knowledge, drive, creativity – therein lies the competitive edge.

I cannot silence the voice but I don’t have to follow it. I can say, “Thank you for your concerns; they have been noted.” People who love us want us to be safe before they want us to be happy. I get it. I’m creating a plan, complete with safety net, that I hope will bring me both.

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