Asking a corporation to think differently

September 2, 2011

Career counseling

My career consultant is always pushing me to ask one more question or explore one more avenue. So, before I can quit my job, I need to be sure I have exhausted all options with my current employer. I’m so tired of being rational.

But like a good little client, I trotted off to HR. They have invested a lot in training me and perhaps I could use that institutional knowledge in another job down the road. What I’m asking for is time. Let’s maintain our relationship while I fast-track my training process. Leave of absence, part-timer, internship – I don’t care what you call it. Be creative. I just need some time.

Asking a corporation to be creative?? When there’s not a policy, they are stumped. The Education policies involve studying outside a 40-hour work commitment. And since I’m not pregnant or sick or joining-up, the Leave policies don’t apply either.

I have blown their minds. They don’t know how (or whether) to do this. They know how to work someone 40+ hours per week. They know how to be primary. They want to come first. They’ll be happy to benefit from my education, and maybe even help me pay for it, but I need to do the work outside my 40-hour commitment to them. Once I say I don’t want that to come first, they’re bewildered.

I asked the question and now I am waiting. And waiting. The fact that they expect me to patiently wait for weeks pretty much confirms my theory of primary-ness. Am I trying too hard to do the “right” thing?

My goal was to ask the question, to explore the options. No matter the answer, I met my goal. But let’s get on with it already.

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