Unexpected benefits of not working for Corporate America

November 9, 2011

Authenticity, Connection

  • My feet are healing after seven years of wearing pumps.
  • I get my choice of treadmills at the gym.
  • My road rage has dissipated. (ok, not totally)
  • Conversation with my partner is opened to topics other than my grouchy, venting work stories.
  • My closet is clean.
  • I eat several small meals per day, like you’re supposed to.
  • My dog doesn’t have to hold it for 11 hours.
  • There are times when Target is not teeming with morons wielding empty carts. I go then.
  • I have odd conversations with strangers at coffee shops.
  • My butt no longer folds down onto the backs of my thighs.
  • I got a call from the Tollway authority asking what they can do to get my business back. (not really, but I’m sure their projections are off)
  • I’ve reclaimed time from my morning routine: I can go to class with 3-days-unwashed hair and a hoodie and fit right in.
  • I watch less TV.
  • When an experiment with edgy nail color goes wrong, I can still wear it.
  • The purple shadows under my eyes have vanished.
  • I have received tremendous support from a surprising number of people who are in similar situations…and from those who are not.
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2 Comments on “Unexpected benefits of not working for Corporate America”

  1. Denise Says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!
    1. I am sleeping through the night – and deeply.
    2. My creative flow is off the charts.
    3. I’m beginning to like people again.


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