Be weird.

December 15, 2011

Authenticity, Creativity

Be weird. This is my motto for 2012.

Weird. The word generally has a negative connotation. I have been called it by friends and boyfriends and even family, mostly in my younger years. Maybe you were, too. It was hard to hear then. I changed my behaviors, my explorations, my self to avoid it.

Earlier this year, I read a book by Seth Godin: We Are All Weird. So there’s that word and it appears again and again and he’s using it in a new way. And I’m transported back to when I was a little weirder. It felt comforting and freeing.

We’re all unique and therefore we’re all weird. We need to honor that. The world needs our weirdness. Let’s not be beige and safe. Let’s not succumb to the marketing messages that tell us who we need to be and what we need to buy to be accepted. Don’t avoid the word weird – seek it, embrace it, own it.

What can you try, explore, promote, create, do that might be considered weird? I sent out a “holiday” card, the theme of which was: Be Weird. You know people think that’s weird. They’re opening that red envelope expecting a ho-ho-ing Santa or a placid wintry scene and, oh wait, what the heck is this?

By sharing my motto and expressing my weirdness, I hope someone else thinks: if she can do something out of the ordinary, maybe I can, too. Be Weird in 2012!

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