Work moderately, play moderately

January 16, 2012

Creativity, Self-discipline

That is not the saying. This is not what we strive for: Everything kinda in the middle. Medium. Meh. Good nuf.

Too often, we coast through the workday, just getting by, sticking it out, flying under the radar. After a workday like that, playtime is pizza and reality TV.

Then, like heavy sloths, we drag our smushy, sleepy selves into the next day and do it all again.

Maybe it’s because psychologically we know we don’t deserve to play hard. We don’t deserve great fun. We haven’t earned it. Or maybe it’s inertia. If you’re kinda running at a sloth’s pace, you tend to stay at that pace.

When you work hard, when you feel like you’ve done a good day’s work, your playtime will be better, too. Each phase benefits from the other.

Good work buoys you, energizes you. That pep spills into your personal time with friends and family, hobbies and holidays, in turn creating more drive for your work. Now inertia is working in your favor.

(Perhaps you’ll serve that pizza on a white tablecloth thrown over the patio table, with a colorful salad, a candelabra and sparkling conversation!)

For me, it has to start with the work. I must dig down and find the energy, the gumption, the heart to do great work first. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Make it count. That goes for work and play.

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One Comment on “Work moderately, play moderately”

  1. Nick Says:

    Great having you back


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