The introvert meets the man with no voice

February 10, 2012

Authenticity, Connection

I am that person at the coffee shop who starts up a conversation with a stranger almost every time I’m there. And I am an introvert.

I like talking to people. I need to talk to people. And now that I don’t work in an office surrounded by them, I’m seeking that interaction out in the world.

From the research, a key difference between introverts and extroverts is energy flow. When interacting with people, the introvert’s energy is flowing outward, being depleted. She recharges her battery by spending time alone. For an extrovert, it’s the opposite.

That’s really the whole thing. It doesn’t mean introverts don’t like people or are shy and can’t talk to others.

What is making me think about this today? I’m taking a class on Adobe Dreamweaver and the guy who sits next to me literally has no voice. I don’t know his story but I know he cannot speak and types into an iPad app that speaks for him when necessary. This guy made me realize how much I talk to the person next to me. During class, I’m constantly holding back little comments and questions because I know he can’t respond easily. And, despite the challenges, we’ve actually talked quite a bit.

I used to think it was bad to be an introvert. Inferior. It is not, in part because it doesn’t mean what we think it means. I’m sure the coffee shop strangers and my silent classmate don’t even know I’m an introvert.

So today, I feel like it’s important to share this thought with people who are like me and people who are not.

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One Comment on “The introvert meets the man with no voice”

  1. Mom Says:

    I am totally like you, an introvert, except when I drink! Maybe thats why I drink too much!


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