When parakeets attack

February 27, 2012


A flock of Cedar Waxwings is taking a scenic turnout in my neighborhood on their way back to Canada. They seem so pretty and sweet and timid. Reminded me of my run-in with the Lorikeets of Australia. Allow me to share…

I was living in a small Sydney apartment with a sliver of a balcony overlooking a placid cove. As I sipped coffee in my tiny chair, two beautiful rainbow-hued lorikeets landed on the railing before me. I froze – shocked, amazed, and not wanting to spook them.

I was mesmerized. I felt privileged and honored. At first.

They stood there, in their jerky, pecky way, checking me out. It took a few moments for me to realize they were not afraid, at all. Ohh, so these are not like regular birds.

Don’t we have a deal with the birds? If you are a little bird and I wave my hand, you fly away. That’s it. Fly on, mates.

But they were unfazed by every attempt I made to shoo them. They were so cute. So beautiful with green wings and blue heads and two razor-sharp pointy red beaks watering just 18 inches from my juicy human eyeballs.

My thoughts were conflicted: 1)Please let them leave. 2)Get the camera.

Strong and brave, I shimmied toward the door. My polychromatic companions paralleled me the whole way, tiny claws sliding along the metal rail. “We’re not letting you out of our sight, lady.” Hazel eyes must be a special delicacy.

I swung the door toward me and those little bastards tried to scoot right on in! I slipped in, shut it fast and lunged for the camera.

The first shots I took were sideways through the 2-inch cracked door because my uninvited guests were not giving up. Finally, they scooched away down the rail and I got a few more shots.

I love this story because I got some supercool photographs and had an exhilarating adventure that I never would have had on a regular day in my normal house with my standard routine. I would love to see those birdies again but, um, you know, I should probably seek out new experiences.

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2 Comments on “When parakeets attack”

  1. Mom Says:

    your writing is amazing, as well as the story. I remember you telling me about that.


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