When not to quit

March 22, 2012

Authenticity, Self-discipline

I was asked an interesting question about my last post. Since then, I’ve been thinking about quitting. The concept of quitting, that is.

Q: Did the fact that you worked with a career coach help you to push forward when you were struggling in the photography assignment?

I’m sure my brow furrowed. I had not considered any relationship between those two things. But I think the answer is yes.

Having done the work with a career professional, I have a clearer definition of myself. I have a sharper vision of the path I’ve chosen.

When you’re just bobbing around from thing to thing, it’s easy to drop any one thing that feels overly challenging. “Well, I’m not really a photographer anyway so why should I kill myself with this assignment.”

When you don’t see yourself as anything, it’s easy to quit everything.

But I’ve said I want to develop my creative side. I am an evolving designer and writer and, for me, photography can be an important part of creative expression and effective communication.

So I think she made a great connection. Doing the work created guidelines, a roadmap. I said I wanted to be a better photographer. That includes the hard parts. It’s good to know what not to quit.

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2 Comments on “When not to quit”

  1. Shariza Signe Says:

    Exactly my thoughts as well. People, like me do have the tendency to drop one thing just because it’s more challenging than the other jobs.It might become a bad habit.


  2. Career Coaching Says:

    That’s really true!! One should never quit in life as well as career. We need to find out more ways for success on closing of other.


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