Doubt masquerading as gratefulness

May 7, 2012


It’s important to be grateful for the opportunities that come your way, to be humble when serendipity finds you, to be respectful of those who give you a chance. But be careful that you’re not leaning into these traits as a way to mask self-doubt.

It’s wonderful to feel grateful when someone gives you a job, a promotion, or a project. Especially when it’s an assignment that will stretch you and force you to learn and grow.

Self-doubt can cause you to accept less in return, to devalue your work, your time, and your effort. Or to consider yourself less important than the someone or something that gave you a chance.

Have confidence in yourself, in your abilities, in your preparation. And have confidence that the other party has made a good choice in you.

Value yourself and add value through your work. Demonstrate your worth and expect, no, demand appropriate compensation and respectful treatment in return.

When you value yourself and your work, you convey that confidence to others. You teach them how to treat you. You have high expectations of yourself and of your company, your boss, or your client.

Be grateful for opportunities, for people who extend trust to you, or for someone giving you a chance. Be confident in your ability to prove them right. Know your worth and don’t accept anything less.

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