Roadmap to World Domination

July 17, 2012


During the WDS weekend, I filled 1.5 notebooks using the funky mechanical pencil I bought in downtown Portland. I didn’t want the inspiring notes and quotes to go missing or forgotten in their pocket-sized volumes. How could I keep front-of-mind the words of all the speakers AND the energy and emotion I experienced?

Voila: the roadmap project.

Luckily, the scan function on my boat-anchor of a printer still works. I scanned in all my notes and laid them out in a poster format, pulling out quotes that were particularly meaningful to me. Being that I am only one person, I was only able to attend four of the 60ish breakout sessions (shucks). My notes reflect my experience.

Now, I can hang this in my office, see my scribbles and doodles, hear the speakers, and be transported back to WDS2012 — as I work every day on my stories to tell at WDS2013.

(The original is a 111MB Illustrator file that is crispy clean. Hope you can get the gist from this much smaller version!)

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One Comment on “Roadmap to World Domination”

  1. nick Says:

    Nice notes, the best part is that you can still read them. Nice art as wel.
    With that many speakers it must have been almost overwhelming.
    Thanks for sharing.


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