Attention crafty couch-surfers

August 8, 2012


This is a new idea I’m road-testing. You may laugh and that’s okay. I’ll still make you a bracelet.

I started noticing that some of my evenings were not being spent productively. On stay-in evenings, there was a little too much lounging on the couch, grazing on cheese and crackers, and watching TV unpurposefully. Too often, I found myself browsing the on-demand movies and choosing romantic comedies that I was very mildly interested in. In other words, just something to pass the time.

The hours I spend working as a freelancer, I’m realizing, are more intense than the hours I spent working at a corporate office. So I’m not saying I need to work all through the evenings, too. But just vegging out and letting the time go by is not okay either.

Hence, the concept of Art Nights was born.

It’s an excellently cheesy name, I know. I didn’t conduct any focus groups. I wasn’t planning on ever saying it out loud. But the blog is the blog and what’s in my head usually ends up in the blog.

Here’s how it goes: When I’m finished working at whatever time o’clock in the evening, Art Night starts. Snacks and cocktails and background TV are welcome at Art Night but the focus is some sort of art project. A project that is fun and relaxing. Doing something creative that is also productive. I repainted a little ugly table that is now fairly useful. And now, I’m doing friendship bracelets. Who doesn’t love friendship bracelets?

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron suggests that repetitive crafts like knitting or crocheting [or friendly micro macramé] put our minds in a state where we can better work through larger, more complex creative projects or problems. In this way, Art Nights support my creative work during the day.

I like the idea because it’s just-enough planned and purposeful while allowing me to shut off my work brain and switch into a new mode.

I decided to write this post right now because it was 6:30pm and I had achieved my goals for the workday. I was ready to go home but also felt like there wasn’t anything to do at home. And then: Oh yeah, Art Night!

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2 Comments on “Attention crafty couch-surfers”

  1. LV Says:

    I’m looking forward to lunch next week; please bring me a bracelet 😀


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