Just one more and then I’ll start

September 4, 2012


The Resistance. My last post was about the Resistance and that was two weeks ago. I guess I angered it.

Steven Pressfield describes the Resistance as evil, alive, an entity actively, craftily striving to stop you from doing your work. Your work is anything that you have to dig down inside yourself to do. Things that are good for you; things that help you change and evolve; things that are hard. Those are the things the Resistance comes for with a fierceness.

Hitting the gym. Calling a prospect. Writing anything. Having a hard conversation with your employee/boss/partner. Making a salad instead of going out for pizza.

I’m thinking about how often the Resistance takes the form of: Just one more [fill in the blank] and then I’ll start.

For me, today, it is: Just one more online motivational get-off-your-butt-and-be-an-awesome-entrepreneur course and then I’ll be ready to start working on my business.

Other examples:
Just one more day of sleeping in and then I’ll start getting to work early.
Just one more pros-and-cons list and then I’ll make a decision.
Just one more romance novel and then I’ll start War and Peace.
Just one more episode of Everybody Loves Raymond and then I’ll start writing.
Just one more glance at Twitter and then I’ll call that customer.
Just one more night out and then I’ll start cooking at home.

Be wary. The Resistance is in the pizza. It is the pizza: bubbling, glistening, beckoning you away from the thing you know you want to start.

There’s a saying in a Taoist book I have:

Not a whole day.

I hate this saying. I don’t want to read it or type it or know it. How can I continue to procrastinate when I know this saying is true? Stop delaying. Don’t let the day come to its end without you having done the thing you know you should do. The thing you actually want to start because your life will be better on the other side.

So I did sign up for the motivational e-course. But the email requiring me to click the link and confirm my subscription was slow to arrive. In that gap, I acknowledged the Resistance and achieved a small victory over it by writing this little post.


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5 Comments on “Just one more and then I’ll start”

  1. Nick Says:

    Maybe I’ll write something after your next post, I think, maybe yup.


  2. Lindy Siu Says:

    Mmmm….. that pizza looks soooo good! Lol. Great post! I’ve got another ‘just one more’ to add to the list: just one more cigarette and I’ll quit! Arghhh….. :S



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