Hey, it’s not boring!

March 4, 2013


ItsnotboringWhen you’re getting dogged by the resistance, not doing the things you know you should be doing, and avoiding the difficult stuff you know you want to do, you may find yourself bored a lot. Being bored sucks.

Nothing is quite interesting enough or fun enough. The projects or activities you actually want to accomplish are always hovering in the back of your mind and you’re looking for something to do instead, something to distract you and quiet the nagging.

Silently to yourself you say, “I’m so bored.”

I just finished Down and Out in Paris and London, in which Orwell decries “forced idleness” as one of the worst effects of poverty, homelessness and hunger.

Idleness is unpleasant. I can’t imagine literally having no other options. We choose to be idle because it seems preferable to the alternative: doing the real hard work we know we should be doing.

I don’t like being bored. It’s painful. But the pain serves a purpose. It becomes unbearable. The pain of staying the same becomes worse than the pain of changing. There comes a point at which boredom propels you to do something different.

That action – toward doing something different, doing something that’s good for you, perhaps even doing the real work – brings its own pain: anxiety, fear, adrenaline surges, sweaty pits.

You want to turn back. The intense unpleasantness of the moment makes you wrongly think the old pain is preferable to the new pain. That’s when you take a breath and say to yourself, with a hint of a lectury tone, “Hey! It’s not boring! You were miserable being idle. Remember that? Now, we’re doing something. So let’s go.”

This is my new mantra to help me push through scary, difficult things that are good for my business, my health, my personal development. When my solar plexus lights up with anxiety or even if I’m just having a real struggle with a work project, I say to myself:

“Hey! It’s not boring!”

Boredom may be a signal that something is being neglected: you’re not doing the real work or you’re just staying too safe. Growth actions – like shipping that new project or developing that new idea or pushing yourself to the next level in whatever your thing is – are scary and risky and certainly not boring.


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One Comment on “Hey, it’s not boring!”

  1. Nick Says:

    Nice. I have not been following your posts the last few times. Sorry. Things just got in the way. I was told one time that being bored is just having a lazy mind. So I get more tired then bored. Also I can’t take doing things the same way too many times. Montony is so repetitive.
    Cheers !


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