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A few tips on goal-setting

December 31, 2012


For the last few days, I’ve been conducting an Annual Review of my work in 2012 and planning for 2013. We all know it’s important to set goals. But what good is a goal if you can’t measure it? I’ve actually done quite a bit of research on this subject. In my past life as […]

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I’m working at Starbucks

November 28, 2012


“I’m working at Starbucks.” What does that mean? When you read the title what did it mean to you? When I texted that sentence to my friend, I thought its meaning was perfectly clear. Later, I learned the meaning depends on your perspective. My perspective has changed. I’m part of a new work world now. […]

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The point is, you thought it was a dragon

August 2, 2012


You’re scared to do something. You’re scared because you don’t know how to do it or because the outcome is uncertain or because you feel unprepared. You procrastinate and make excuses and worry and scold yourself. The longer you wait, the more the fear builds. And this thing starts to become something bigger and darker […]

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Cold shower therapy: Day 10

July 24, 2012


Today is day 10. Ten days of cold showers and 18 more to go. It’s terrible and awesome. Have you ever heard of this? I first read about it months ago in The Flinch – a scary-good FREE Kindle book by Julien Smith, about getting past that moment of hesitation that stops you from doing […]

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Time to do something remarkable

July 16, 2012


I don’t know how to write about the World Domination Summit. There’s too much to say. Too many ideas and incredible stories and amazing people. WDS was an overwhelmingly fantastic 3-day, 1000-person conference I attended in Portland last week, the impact of which I will fail to convey no matter how hard I try. So, […]

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